The transformation of downtown Cooksville (Hurontario and Dundas)  is taking place as the pictures below show.  

The long term plan is to transform Cooksville into an attractive shopping and cultural district and into a 15 Minute Neighbourhood. A place where you can walk to the grocery store, Sunday brunch, library, yoga class or park with in 15 minutes.  Progress Highlights:

  1. Cooksville BIA established 
  2. Streetscape beautification 
  3. Regular Street festivals, pop up events and block parties making Cooksville a fun place to visit.

The work is just starting!.  There is a lot more to do to  transform Cooksville and re-imagine it.

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Cooksville is Changing! Here is how:

Beautification: Banners, Flower Pots and Holiday lights at the Four Corners are some of the initiatives by the Cooksville BIA. Creating a BIA for Cooksville was a key commitment of mine.



Public Spaces with some zip: The spectacular Cookville sign has literally put Cooksville back on the map! The transformation of Jaguar Valley into walkable, playable zone is just stunning. There is much more to come. 


Cultural Hub: I successfully lobbied the City to officially designate Cooksville as a food and music district. The summer of 2022, has seen around 10 fun cultural events at the four corners. Events such as Ice cream socials, talent nights, music nights, busker nights, open mic. In September the City is hosting two more street parties on Jaguar valley. 


The response has been amazing and I am working on so much more. Some ideas include Cooksville’s own Ital Fest, Canada Day, bringing back Taste of Cooksville and more public art. 



15 Minute Cooksville and Rebuilding Main Street: The official plan has been amended to ensure that Cooksville is rebuilt as a 15 -minute neighbourhood. One such new rule: As todays’ strip malls are replaced, the new stores will have to be built flush with the sidewalk. Why is this important ? 

Think of any great main street. A key feature is that you can walk from store to store. That is not possible when you have strip malls with huge parking lots in front of it!

Cooksville is changing! Be a part of the Change. If you believe in this vision for Cooksville, pledge your support for Dipika here.